Secure Payment

Secure Payment.

We work with Stripe, a secure online payment processor. Your payment information is secured.

"How Do you Process and Store my Payment Information?"

We work with Stripe, a secure and well known online payment system. All the your payments and payment information are secured.

"What Happens When I Enter My Payment Information?"

When you enter your payment information while subscribing, the data you entered directly sent to Stripe servers. We do not hold your payment information. We don't even receive them.

"How Do You Process Payments?"

When we need to process something related to payments (e.g. when you send a new Assessment Requests), we use a hash value associated with your payment account. This means that we never know/receive your payment details, nor process them. All the processing, data storage, and payments are handled by Stripe.

"How Reputable is Stripe?"

Stripe is a online payment processor giant. Stripe handles all the information storage and payments with highest security standards. Stripe has an excellent track record. Their customers include Spotify, Uber, Slack, and many more.

"I Have More Questions"

Please feel free to contact with our support any time. We are glad to help!