Privacy. is founded and developed by data scientists. We take privacy seriously and value your trust for sharing your information with us. We will NEVER utilize your data as a mean to create profit.

We are compliant with GDPR. We believe that every individual should have the full control of their data. Remember that at any time you can ask us to remove your data or query for your data our organization has. We provide these rights to all of our users, regardless of their location.

"What Kind of Data/Information Do you Store and Process?"

We only collect the information that you explicitly entered in our website, and information about your usage of our site (e.g. login timestamps). An example to this is the information you supplied during registration. We do not store or process any other information.

"Who Can Access to My Information?"

Your information can be only accessed by systems developed by, or's employees, or systems used by We don't share and NEVER sell your information with third parties.

"Why Do you Need My Information?"

We only collect and process the information that required our services to function. For example we use your email address to notify you in certain events.

"How About Cookies?"

We use cookies only for our services to function. For example thanks to cookies, you don't have to login every time you visit our website.

"I Have More Questions"

Please feel free to contact with our support any time. We are glad to help!